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35 Years in business is a long spell for any business these days. It’s quite mind blowing to think about the changes we have witnessed in this timeframe - from the year that CD’s emerged, Margaret Thatcher was elected and spreadsheets were invented. Computers were a black art and anything resembling an iPad belonged in a science fiction movie!

The motor industry has experienced its own massive change over this period. When I started in business 35 years ago we focused on mechanics primarily. Luckily my career from the very beginning was as an auto electrician, I think that gave me a great foundation from which to build Intune - and the ability to ride these changes, appreciate the way cars were evolving and to make the right decisions in the best way to serve my customers.

The reality is that these days it takes a very different skill to keep your car in good condition or to diagnose and fix the problems that inevitably crop up now and then. The days of ‘throw in a few parts and see which one does the job’ are long gone. Now we need to understand and navigate a complex network of systems that connect up through computer software.

Your car is a computer, an incredibly clever one, and it needs to be treated in a completely different way, whether we are servicing it or diagnosing a fault. 15 years ago I made a critical decision to invest in dealer level technology. This has given Intune a powerful platform that means I can deliver the same level of quality service that is provided by the dealer - to a standard that protects that precious warranty that I know is so important to customers.

And of course as a small business I can offer to provide service at a much more competitive price. My focus is on giving the best service possible, and that means good advice, doing the right thing and getting your car back to you in good working order as quickly as possible.

This investment was not a one off, I started with the ability to provide specialist service in B.M.W / Mini, Mercedes and Jaguar. Now, over the coming months, we will be expanding our software to include dealer level software for Range Rover / Land Rover,V.W / Audi / Seat, Skoda, Volvo, so if you drive a B.M.W/ Mini, Mercedes or Jaguar (or any of the above) feel free to call us to see if we can help.

Finally I would like to thank all my customers from the past 35 years for their loyalty and support because quite frankly without them Intune would not still be trading.

As a small business we don’t offer the much repeated “free car wash or courtesy car” tempter but to celebrate 35 years of trading we are pricing all MOTs at £35.00 for the entire year when taken with any service, this can be redeemed anytime. If you would like to know more please get in touch, I’d love to discuss how I can help you.

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